Affiliated Railroads

Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad (WNYP)

Today, we offer multiple connections to major railroads and award-winning rail-truck transfer services designed to fit your requirements. The Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad extends across southwestern New York and northwestern Pennsylvania from Hornell to Meadville and Oil City and north and south of Olean, New York. The affiliated LA&L operates in Livingston and Monroe Counties, south of Rochester. The B&H Rail Corp. serves Steuben County, northwest of Corning.

Bulk transfer and warehousing options extend your reach far beyond our rail lines. On the LA&L and its affiliated railroads, your location is less than 300 miles from population centers totaling over 40 million people. We can show you prime industrial and distribution sites easily accessible to major highways such as I-90, I-86, I-79, and I-390.

When you ship by way of the LA&L, B&H, or WNYP, you receive a level of service that has earned national recognition. “Safety and Service” means this: If you have a hot car at the interchange, we will go get it. If you need a car switched, we will switch it promptly. This commitment to our customers is limited only by safety—our railroads have won many safety awards—and regulation. LA&L tracks your cars across the continent, and because we do this all day long, we may see patterns you wouldn’t and can intervene to expedite your shipment.

Many customers rely upon us to take the lead in developing superior through-rated service proposals for their shipments. Because the LA&L participates in the rail industry’s Interline Settlement System, we are a full party to the rate-making process—knowledge that ensures that the LA&L often can be your most competitive option. Moreover, we understand trucking and distribution costs as well as rail. While we are big enough to get results, we are still small enough to care about your shipment, whether it’s one car or a hundred. We know where each car is on our railroad, all day, every day. And we communicate what we know, both electronically and the old-fashioned way. Customized service…experience…market knowledge—all at a competitive price.

B&H Rail Corp.

Rail Connections:

Norfolk Southern at Painted Post, NY (PAIPO) – Connection with NS Southern Tier Route.

B&H Team Tracks and Other Facilities:

B&H has team tracks (public use sidetracks) at Bath, Cohocton, and Wayland. We also can suggest other multimodal and distribution facilities on our line.